Heading to Japan!

Moving to Germany has been a life-changing experience but I was starved of a big trip for four years. Not anymore. Today, I’m flying to Japan to discover the Land of the Rising Sun.

The statement above is not a criticism of expat life, but it does remind me of the challenges faced to re-establish a normal life a continental move. First, coming to Germany with a one-year contract and potential job instability afterwards meant little time for vacation and leisure. It was the nature of the beast. I took the risk and dealt with it.

Then, travel was limited by obligations in Canada. I had stuff to manage such as moving my goods to Germany and getting rid of a property. None of that is simple to do and it ate up some of my vacation time.

Now it’s time for the fun stuff. I did a lot of research on the social interactions foreigners, or Gaijin, have with the Japanese, whether they travel for a few weeks or stay there permanently. It will be a most interesting experience to have a glimpse of a society that has a strong sense of tradition.

I look forward to telling you the story and sharing photos on this blog ?

Michel Munger

I am an experienced communicator who worked in journalism for 15 years at La Presse, the TVA Group and Le Journal de Montréal. I spent a year at the United Nations in Germany and now am an internal communications editor at DHL. I founded the Bayern Central blog in 2011 and ran it for seven years. Cyclist, beer and coffee snob.